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Where can you get a fox?

There are breeders all around the US that sell all different species of domesticated fox. Do some research online to find one, but first, make sure that owning this exotic pet (MORE)

Who crucified Matthew?

A:Nothing is known about how, when or where Matthew died. A tradition arose of attributing martyrdom to each of the apostles (other than John, who supposedly escaped miraculou (MORE)

What can a fox do?

Foxes can hunt, play, eat, sleep and do most things other animals do. Lot's of things, they're dogs, so they make canine noises, along with chirps and yips also, they act like (MORE)

Who is Matthew fox married to?

The "Lost" star has been married since 1991 to former Italian model Margherita Ronchi. They have a daughter and a son. Fox has said he plans to leave the acting profession and (MORE)
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What is a fox?

Heyy Fox (animal), smallest member of the dog family, which also includes wolves, coyotes, jackals, and dogs. Foxes are characterized by short legs, an elongated narrow muzzle (MORE)

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How old is Matthew Fox?

US actor Matthew C. Fox is 50 years old (birthdate: July 14, 1966).    Punk musician Matthew "Matt" Fox is 43 years old (born April 28, 1973).
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Is Matthew fox married?

Yes, Matthew Fox is married. He is currently married to Margherita Ronchi- a former Italian model. The couple have been married for eighteen years and have two children.
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