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What does gee and haw mean?

The word gee is the command for a right turn. The word haw is the command for a left turn. | || for more info go to: || |
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What was the bee gees first hit?

  first hit   the Bee Gees first significant hit of their early careers was a number one in Australia in 1966 called "Spicks and Specks" this was at number one short (MORE)

What is Gee Bee?

A gravity bong. It is used to smoke weed. Basically, it is just a water bottle with a socket melted into the lid to use as a bowl. A hole is burned in the bottom and the bottl (MORE)

What means bee gees?

The Bee Gees was a musical group of three brothers. The name Bee  Gees stood for "Brothers Gibb" and came from the initials B. G.
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What is a martial arts gee?

That is the outfit consisting of mid-calf trousers, a buttonless mid-arm jacket, and a belt.
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