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Where is Maude season 2 DVD?

  Sadly, sony has no plans on releasing season 2 of Maude on DVD anytime in the near future. Seriously, how can they throw the first season out there and not back it up (MORE)

How did Maude Flanders die?

In the episode "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily", Maude was knocked off  a grandstand by a t-shirt cannon at the Springfield Speedway. Homer  ducked at the last minute causing t (MORE)

In which Simpsons episode does Maude Flanders die?

    Season 11 episode 14. It's on disc 3 and it's called "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" His first wife, Maude, died in a freak t-shirt toss accident in  Season 12's  (MORE)

Why did Maude Flanders die?

Maude Flanders had to die because her voice actor (Maggie Roswell) had a payment dispute during seasons 11-14. Ms. Roswell has since returned to The Simpsons, but the characte (MORE)

Was maud Lewis bor with Rheumatoid arthritis?

It is not known for sure if one is born with the disease or if it develops after birth, however there seems to be a definite genetic link. She was born Maud Dowley in South O (MORE)
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Where did maud Lewis live?

maud lewis lived in a little white cottage witch is now located in an art musem in nova scotia