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What is a maverick?

A maverick is someone who thinks independently and doesn't conform to the 'norm' whether that be in politics or in society in general. A 'rebel'. If you're referring to John (MORE)

What is maverick spending?

  Maverick spending refers to purchases made within an organization that are not in compliance with negotiated contract terms. For example, the corporate purchasing depart (MORE)
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How did the mavericks get their name?

  In 1980 a Dallas radio station had a contest to help name the team. 41 people turned in the name "Mavericks" out of 4,600 entries. The committee chose the name and recom (MORE)
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Where was Maverick filmed?

Beacon Rock, Columbia River Gorge, Washington, USA Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA El Mirage Dry Lake, California, USA Glen Canyon, Utah, USA Grand Canyon National Park, Ari (MORE)

Was there a ford cobra maverick made?

Not by Ford Motor Company. There are some Mavericks where the ownerinstalled a 428 Cobra Jet engine.
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