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What was the maximilian affair?

  French government favored the south, thought that a divided US would be unable to prevent expansion of french influence in west, napoleon III extended loans to confedera (MORE)
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Where did Maximilian die?

Maximillian I of Mexico was executed on 19 June 1867 at Cerro de las Campanas, Queretaro, Mexico.
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What did Maximilian Kolbe do?

During the time of the Nazis St. Maximllian was taken to a  concentration camp and one guy escaped the camp, so they said 10  will die. So they picked out 10 people and one (MORE)
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Were did Maximilian die?

In the Cerro de las Campanas (Bells' hill) in the city of Queretaro, central Mexico. He was executed by firing squad, on 19 June 1867.
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Maximilian who is he?

His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Mexico, Maximiliano I of Mexico who reigned from 10 April 1864 to 15 May 1867.
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Why was maximilian executed?

In grand part because Maximilian had ordered the execution of soldiers loyal to Benito Juarez, notably General José Maria Arteaga, General Carlos Salazar, Coronel Jesús Día (MORE)