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What is maximum wage?

There isn't such a thing, at least not at this point in time. There are a lot of people that think some of these cheating CEO types that get millions for running a company int (MORE)

What is maximum current?

If you are referring to an a.c. current, then the maximum current is the amplitude of its waveform. For a sinusoidal waveform, the amplitude of an a.c. current is its root-m (MORE)

What is the Abbreviation for maximum?

While searching for the answer myself I found it to be "max." I found the answer at the page I'm (MORE)

What is the maximum does of provigil?

200 mg. once daily. (or half a 200 mg. pill twice daily - 100 mg. in the morning and 100 mg. in the afternoon). Anything overt that would be taking too much. It is somewhat ti (MORE)

What is Maximum Ride about?

Max is fourteen and spent ten years of her life trapped in a laboratory called The School, until she and five other children, who had been experimented on in the same place, a (MORE)
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What is a maximum number?

very funny... there is no maximum number! every time you can do "plus 1"... infinity is a correct answer.