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Who is Maximum Ride?

Maximum Ride is a character in the book series "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson, which is a young adult series. Max is a girl, about 15 (as of the sixth book), who has wing (MORE)

What is maximum current?

If you are referring to an a.c. current, then the maximum current is the amplitude of its waveform. For a sinusoidal waveform, the amplitude of an a.c. current is its root-mea (MORE)

What is the Abbreviation for maximum?

  While searching for the answer myself I found it to be "max." I found the answer at the page (MORE)

What is Maximum Ride about?

Max is fourteen and spent ten years of her life trapped in a laboratory called The School, until she and five other children, who had been experimented on in the same place, a (MORE)

What is maximum demand?

  An electricity board will be fixed some amount of load for consumer (industry or commercial) as per consumers requirement.That is maximum load or maximum demand.

Is maximum an adjective?

It usually is, as in maximum speed or maximum occupancy. But it can  be a noun, meaning a maximum value or number, as in math or  astronomy (the solar maximum).
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What is a maximum number?

very funny... there is no maximum number! every time you can do "plus 1"... infinity is a correct answer.

What is the maximum efficiency can be?

Ideally 100%. But unless the only intended product is heat,  practically it will always be lower. How much lower one would have  to know much more than is given in this ques (MORE)