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What is maximum wage?

There isn't such a thing, at least not at this point in time. There are a lot of people that think some of these cheating CEO types that get millions for running a company int (MORE)

What is maximum current?

If you are referring to an a.c. current, then the maximum current is the amplitude of its waveform. For a sinusoidal waveform, the amplitude of an a.c. current is its root-m (MORE)

What is the Abbreviation for maximum?

While searching for the answer myself I found it to be "max." I found the answer at the page I'm (MORE)

What is Maximum Ride about?

Max is fourteen and spent ten years of her life trapped in a laboratory called The School, until she and five other children, who had been experimented on in the same place, a (MORE)

Is maximum an adjective?

It usually is, as in maximum speed or maximum occupancy. But it canbe a noun, meaning a maximum value or number, as in math orastronomy ( the solar maximum ).
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What is a maximum number?

very funny... there is no maximum number! every time you can do "plus 1"... infinity is a correct answer.