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What is the maximum does of provigil?

200 mg. once daily. (or half a 200 mg. pill twice daily - 100 mg. in the morning and 100 mg. in the afternoon). Anything overt that would be taking too much. It is somewhat ti (MORE)
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What is maximum tolerance?

Maximum tolerance is the capacity to control one selves from any words or any acts against his person but not putting his life in eminent danger.

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What is maximum current?

If you are referring to an a.c. current, then the maximum current is the amplitude of its waveform. For a sinusoidal waveform, the amplitude of an a.c. current is its root-mea (MORE)

What is Maximum Payload?

The term maximum payload refers to how much weight a specific  vehicle or trailer can safely haul or tow. There are several  different calculations used to determine a vehic (MORE)

What is the maximum number for a rock band?

Technically, as many as you can fit in your rehearsal space. However, for a tight and focussed group, probably six is the maximum. Nu-metal band Slipknot have nine members, an (MORE)
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What is the maximum bone material can withstand a maximum compression?

During a car crash, the forearms of a passenger are slammed against  the dashboard.   Each arm comes to rest from an initial speed of 80 km/h in 5 ms. If  the arm has an (MORE)