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What is Maya for?

Autodesk Corporation's Maya is a 3D Modeling and Rendering program, similar to Lightwave, 3DS Max, Pixar's Renderman, and other professional 3D programs. Along with Renderman, (MORE)
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Who were the Mayas?

The Mayas are the people who lived a long time ago and they had to build their own houses out of clay.. The Mayas were an ancient civilization that were very smart and lived (MORE)

What can Maya do?

If you are talking about Autodesk Maya, its basically a 3D modeling/ animation program built in with the latest tools used by the professionals in the film and animation indus (MORE)

What is about Maya?

Maya were a meso-american civilization. Some folk today prefer to believe in the same mysticism's as did less educated peoples. And they believe a lot more than they actually (MORE)
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How did the Maya get there?

the Mayan people lived in Yucatan (Mexico), guatemala and belize. they still do. how did they get there? they came from asia, the ice age made it possible to walk from asia to (MORE)

Why was Maya Swift a Maya Swift?

Maya I. Swift was a Maya I. Swift because she was born on February 19, 2002 she has a best friend named Maya Nayar on the same day :) isn't that special. Maya is a pieces ( so (MORE)