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What does Maya mean?

ma·ya noun /ˈmīə/  /ˈmäyə/  mayas, plural The supernatural power wielded by gods and demons to produce illusions The power by which the universe becomes m (MORE)
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What was the location of the Mayas?

Through much of the Central American region, which includes Guatemala, Belize, Northern El Salvador and Honduras. Some archaeological finds belonging the Maya have even been f (MORE)

Who is Maya Kibbel?

Maya Kibbel is a family friend of the Jonas family since Nick and Maya have met on Broadway, around when Nick was seven years old. Maya tours around with the Jonas Brothers on (MORE)
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What did the Maya eat?

well first at all the mayans were known as the "people of corn" meaning that most of their food was based in the corn but they also cossumed other vegetables and were hunters (MORE)
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Who is Maya boyce?

Maya Boyce is the younger sister of Disney Channel show Jessie's  Cameron Boyce. Maya is not famous, but her brother is. Maya prefers  musical theatre to tv/movie acting, so (MORE)

What happened to the Maya?

Nobody actually know what happened to the Maya, all we know is...snap...their gone. There are some pretty weird theories. One is that the Mayans were taken by a UFO. That has (MORE)
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Who is Maya Diab?

Maya diab is a lebanse singer and she is in an group called four cats Maya is the host of Heik Menghanni on MTV Lebanon
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Where are the Maya located?

The Maya civilization, known as the Maya area, extended thoughout the southern Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, and Yucatan Peninsula. More information here: http://en.wik (MORE)

What is Maya crude?

Maya is a heavy sour crude oil with an API specific gravity between 21 and 22 degrees and a sulfur content of 3.4%, meaning only the most sophisticated refineries are capable (MORE)