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What county is Syria?

It is a Middle-Eastern country. It borders Lebanon, Jordan, & Palestine. It is an Arab country, who's religious rates are 76% Muslim, 20% Christian, & 4% other. Syria is ruled (MORE)
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What are the levant counties?

The Levant includes most of modern Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories, and sometimes parts of Cyprus, Turkey and Iraq, and corresponds roughly to the (MORE)
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What county is Portsmouth in?

It depends on which Portsmouth you are looking for: Portsmouth, Ohio is in Scioto County. South Portsmouth, Kentucky is in Greenup County. Portsmouth, Rhode Island is in (MORE)

What county is Queens in?

The borough of Queens has the same borders as Queens County. Each Manhattan borough is also a county in state government: Manhattan is New York County, Brooklyn is Kings Count (MORE)

What is the definition of county?

A group of municipalities, villages, and cities that reside within a set area and are generally governed by a specific set of laws, regulations, etc. The term 'county' comes f (MORE)

What is a county easement?

A county easement is a provision in the property deed that permits the county some form of access to some or all of the property without having to ask permission of the proper (MORE)