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What is the meaning of Which?

Which in a Phrase "Which" is generally used as "that" in an adjective phrase. Example : "The getaway car, which was found later, had beenstolen." Example : "In the library, (MORE)

What is the mean?

The mean is when you add all the numbers together and then divide by how many there are. Another Answer: The mean is what you find out when you take a series of numbers add t (MORE)

What is the meaning of do me in?

  Answer   Its a way of saying "it'll kill me."   ie: they are trying to 'do me in.' -they are trying to kill me.   ie: These cigarettes will 'do me in.' -these (MORE)

What does 'it' mean?

(used to represent a person or animal understood, previously mentioned, or about to be mentioned whose gender is unknown or disregarded): It was the largest ever caught off th (MORE)

What does its mean?

Its shows possession, as opposed to "it's" which is the contraction  for "it is."    Examples:   The dog ate its food. (The food belongs to the dog.)   It's co (MORE)

What does their mean?

  "Their" means "belonging to them." The homophone of there/their/they're    There refers  to some place.  Their is the  possessive pronoun of them or themselves. (MORE)

How do you get a mean?

  The mean is the same thing as average. To get the mean you add together all of the numbers in the set. Then, you divide by the total amount of numbers that were adde (MORE)

What does where are you from mean?

That depends on WHO is asking you this. A normal, typical, everyperson, they're just asking where you're from - like, where youactually come from. If the person looks like a g (MORE)
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What does 'You can do it' mean?

The declarative, "you can do it" means that a person has theknowledge, skills, strenths, patience, or initiative to do orcomplete a course of action. As examples, imagine some (MORE)