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Is Meath Ireland part of southern Ireland?

Meath is in the northeastern part of the Republic of Ireland. The term "Southern Ireland" is an informal term used for the Republic of Ireland, to distinguish it from "Norther (MORE)
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Post code co meath kells iearland?

There are no post codes in Ireland. To write to someone there you would finish the address as follows: Kells, Co. Meath Ireland. For an internet site looking for a cod (MORE)
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What is the postcode for County Meath Ireland?

Ireland does not have postcodes. So you would end any address for county Meath as: Co. Meath Ireland For internet forms asking for codes for Ireland, just use IE.
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What is the telephone area code for Summerhill County Meath Ireland?

Summerhill, Co. Meath, is in Irish area code 046 , the same as Enfield, Navan, and Kells. In international format, it's +353 46 . (The plus sign means "insert your int (MORE)

What is the area code for Mullagh County Meath Ireland?

Mullagh, County Meath, is in area code 01 with Dublin.  (internationally, +353 1)    Mullagh, County Cavan, is in area code 046 (+353 46), along with  some parts of C (MORE)
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What is the postal code for Meath?

Ireland does not use postal codes. So after the person, the street and town, you would finish the address like this: Co. Meath Ireland. If asked for a postal code on a web (MORE)