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Where is Mecca?

These are some descriptions of the location of Mecca: . Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia . Mecca is in the left-center of Saudi Arabia . Mecca is close to the Red Sea, only (MORE)
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What can you do in mecca?

pray i think. ->At the early age, people traded things. Now, the Muslims pray in the direction where Mecca is.

Who built Mecca?

Mecca's origins are prehistoric. Islamic legend attributes its founding to Ismail and his mother Hagar who discovered the well of Zamzam with the aid of Allah.
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What is the importance of Mecca?

It is where the Ka'bah, a sacred shrine was built by Ishmaed andAbraham. It is also an important trading center which Idky...........proclaimed by Muhammad. Answer -2 It is t (MORE)

What is the secret of mecca?

there are no secrets for mecca , its a place where Muslims go to pray so that god forgive them for wrongs! it was built by the messenger ibrahim and his son, its in Saudi Arab (MORE)

How do pilgrims get to Mecca?

I'm not sure what you mean,, if you about what they use for the journey , Air plane Cars Boat Cars. and those who is not living far they walk, but a certing point they have to (MORE)
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Is the mecca a building?

No Makkah is a city in Saudi Arabia. Prophet Muhammad was born there. There is a grand mosque in Makkah; you may be thinking of that.
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What did mecca begin as?

mecca began as a city but then turned into a place that muhammad [ prophet of allah] rounded his teachings
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What is mecca-where located?

Mecca (Makka) is the most sacred city of the Muslims. The Muslimsvisit Makka Mukarma to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is located inSaudi Arabia.