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What is mechanical engeneering?

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design and construction and operation of machinery. Mechanical engineering is the science of natural s (MORE)
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What is Mechanical Vibration in Fluid mechanism?

Mechanical Vibration caused by fluid effects are usually ...   Cavitation, Turbulence and Blade Pass. Note that these are not mutually exclusive and are often signs of wear (MORE)

What do mechanics have to study to become mechanics?

To become a vehicle mechanic normally you have to study for a minimum of two years at college, the course is normally called vehicle maintenance and repair. These courses are (MORE)

What is a mechanism?

  A mechanism is a system of moving parts that changes an input motion and force into a desired output motion and force. These are hidden in most machines.
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Where do mechanics work?

Generally at a garage but some mechanic work is done on the road or wherever a vehicle may be broke down.
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What is a mechanical?

Mechanical designer do from basic or concept design to a finish  product output to market including these activities: concept  design, modelling, simulation, drafting, manuf (MORE)