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Are you watching me?

No. WikiAnswers does not watch anyone. It works by answering the question that we have searched, or seen on the homepage.   Also, you should not add questions such as this (MORE)

What is a selctive media and a differential media?

  Selective media is one that grows only certain microorganisms while inhibiting (or preventing) others from growing, that is to say , the media has certain chemicals that (MORE)

What is emerging media?

The current trend in media that has come as a result of user/customer becoming more involved in the products and services by having a platform to communicate with the world ab (MORE)

What is media pressure?

media pressure is when things like models and newspapers and the television make people feel like they have to look different , like it might make boys think they need a six p (MORE)

What are media?

They are methods of conveying information to a mass audience:  radio, television, newspapers, books, movies, the internet... all  of these are examples of media. (The singul (MORE)

What is uni media?

uni media means one way communication by text. like ms dos. dbase, lotus etc. it is the father of multimedia.

What are watches?

The main purpose of watch is to check the time so we can say watches are time checking machines but nowadays watches are more than a time machine they are use as a fashion and (MORE)

What is a media conference?

A media conference is a conference held to invite the media to ask  questions and publicize an event. This can be a celebrity, a  company or a sports figure. Anyone can have (MORE)

What is Media Scavenging?

Media scavenging is the term used for attempting to recover or  obtain information from various types of media. This includes hard  drives, thumb drives, and CDs that have e (MORE)