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What is a median?

The median of a set of values is the quantity at the mid-point,  when the values are in ascending numerical order. For example, the  median of the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 is 5 (MORE)

What is a theorem?

A theorem is a math term used to describe an idea that can be proved. A mathematical statement which has been proved true It is a statement or proposition which can be derived (MORE)

What does median?

Median means the number that comes up in the middle. An example would be: here are your numbers 1,2,3,4,5 your median would be 3. You have to have your numbers in order befo (MORE)
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What is median-median point?

It's the point for a set of points whose x-value is the median of all the given x-values and whose y-value is the median of all the given y-values. For example: (1,2) (2,1) (3 (MORE)

What is the Malthus Theorem?

Malthusian theorem is a population projection that suggests the population will exceed the available food supply because populations grow at geometric rates, while food suppli (MORE)

What are malkiel's theorems?

Malkiel's theorems summarize the relationship between bond prices, yields, coupons, and maturity. Malkiel's Theorems paraphrased (see text for exact wording); all theorems are (MORE)
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What is the bernoulli theorem?

according to tis theorem,for the streamline flowof a non-viscousand incompressible liquid,the sum of the pressure energy,kinetic energy and potential energy per unit mass is a (MORE)

What is lemis theorem?

from ramanjit singh Its Lamis Theorom. In statics, Lamis theorem is an equation relating the magnitudes of three coplanar, concurrent and non-collinearforces, which keeps an o (MORE)