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Medical coding for medical records?

Medical coding is the job in which a disease condition is coded to category. Medical coding can be done by a certified medical coder. A medical record is the record of a patie (MORE)

What is medication?

A drug or other substance that is used as a medicine.   For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( (MORE)

What is a medicant?

Medicant is a word not found in the popular dictionary. This indicates the products that are associated with medication and treatment.
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What are the medications that combat medics use?

This information are never used in public. They are only suggested by the specialist and designated doctors. no, youre wrong. it has nothing to do with OPSEC, only the fact (MORE)

What does a medical medical billing and coding do?

Medical Billing and coding are essentially two  things of a same process. First, when a patient leaves the  physician's clinic, the medical biller in his clinic puts all the (MORE)
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Is the medication Trazadone a deployable medication?

I'm not certain what you mean by deployable; if that means can you travel with this medication the answer is yes as long as you have a valid Rx. If you're asking whether it ca (MORE)