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What is the Medici Dagger?

Answer . After spending some time researching your question, I have found that there is a book by Cameron West entitled The Medici Dagger. It tells the story of Leonardo D (MORE)

Who were the Medici?

The Medici were the ruling family of Florence in Italy during the Renaissance. The Medici were rich, did not share power, and supported and funded artwork. They raised Michela (MORE)

What did the Medici family do?

The Medici family was well - known for their bank. While the title of the bank is hard to find, the bank was well known for being the most popular bank of the 15th century. T (MORE)

Who was the Medici family?

  The Medici were a banking family from Florence, Italy. They gave loans in turn for more money (interest). And they were very smart with their monmey....paying for artis (MORE)

Who are the Medici family?

they were a very influential family during the renaissance. They gained there wealth from banking and other businesses. They slowly gained power and became one of the most inf (MORE)

Who were the medicis?

The Medici were a powerful family that ruled Florence for over 100 years. They supported some of the greatest artists of the renaissance, such as Donatello and Michelangelo. (MORE)