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What is a Medieval Sanctuary?

In the Middle Ages, many kingdoms had laws granting sanctuary, or a right of asylum, to churches and monasteries. These laws varied rather widely, but in general, they said th (MORE)

What was a medieval longhouse?

The longhouse of the Middle Ages is much like other longhouses of other parts of the world. It is literally a long house, but it is also a common house for an extended family (MORE)

Latin for - it is what it is?

"It is what it is" in latin is: "Est quod est" - literally "is what is", you skip the pronouns because the verb forms already denote the gender and number. "Id est quod id (MORE)

What is Latin?

Latin is a dead language, originally from Italy. It is the ancestor of so called Latin languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish. It had a major influence on English too. (MORE)

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What is the Latin for no?

  The word for no in Latin is:   minime (men-i-may)-Which is a reply to a yes or no question.   non (noen)-This describes somethinng. i.e. There are no sodas left.

What is and in Latin?

The most common word for "and" in Latin is probably "et," although there are other words that mean "and" in Latin. To name a few, "ac," "atque," and "-que." The last one is an (MORE)

What is a medieval queen?

That was different in different centuries and countries. Some queens were queen regnants and held power in their own right. Most became queens through marriage. They were (MORE)

Latin for do not do no?

When translating Latin, the part of sentence in which the word is  used plays a part in deciding the proper version of the word, as  there are many different endings. The ph (MORE)