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What did a medieval mercenary wear?

Same thing as a knight. Often they were out of work knights or soldiers that were looking for a war to fight for pay.
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What are mercenaries?

Mercenaries are people who participate in a armed battle for pay. Mercenaries are people who will work for anyone who pays with military action, if its blowing up a building (MORE)

What is the meaning of mercenary?

The adjective "mercenary" means done for money or material gain. As a noun, it means a soldier for hire. The Hessians who fought for the British in the American Revolution (MORE)

Can you become a mercenary in Skyrim?

Not really. You can do small missions to take care of people, but there are no mercenary missions. Atleast none where you gain that title. the most way to be a mercenary is (MORE)

Why did Welsh mercenary bowmen in the medieval period wear one shoe at a time?

That's actually a bit of a misconception, the Welsh on the whole were depicted in manuscripts and drawings of the time as wearing one shoe, but this is not necessarily what th (MORE)

Who were the hessian mercenaries?

the hessians were professional soldiers that were hired to fight  for britain that needed mercenaries    "Hessian" is a name given to all German troops deployed by the (MORE)

What is a mercenary?

A mercenary is a soldier not bound by a nation. A mercenary would be hired by a ruler to fight in a battle. The mercenary would only fight for pay and personal gain. Real life (MORE)

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Who were mercenaries?

hired professional soldier who fights for any state or nation  without regard to political interests or issues. From the earliest  days of organized warfare until the develo (MORE)