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How can you learn meditation?

There are many different meditation techniques, but all of them have one thing in common: they all cause you to become more self-aware, more watchful of your thoughts, feeling (MORE)

Can Catholics meditate?

Yes. I believe they call it "Contemplative Prayer"   Roman Catholic AnswerMeditation in the Catholic tradition is a way of praying that involves thinking over something and (MORE)
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What does meditation do for you?

Meditation has benefits on the body, mind and emotions. Some believe it has spiritual benefits too. Body Reduces tension in muscles, reduces chronic pain, reduces stress w (MORE)

Why you do meditation?

This refers to benefits of Original Meditation only. 1. Original Meditation resets our life. This is what we want to achieve when the dooms day arrives. 2. It enables us t (MORE)
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Who invented meditation?

Meditation is very old. It is known for about 5000 years already. Nobody actually "invented" it if I'm right, but yes it was discovered. It was believed that it was discovered (MORE)

How do you meditate?

It's all about controlling your brain! It is actually entering a state of mind where we control the brain! Sit quietly for some time then concentrate bout whatever feel like; (MORE)

What is a meditation?

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Buddhist meditationpractices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration,clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm (MORE)

How do Buddhas meditate?

Buddhists' method of meditation is called "anapan sati dhyan".In this method of dhyan,incoming and outgoing of breath is watched.Inhalation and exhalation are watched.In other (MORE)

Are there stages in meditation?

Yes, if you want to meditate successfully you have to start by relaxing your body, then you have to start to concentrate only on now. after that a nimita turns up, a nimita c (MORE)
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What does meditation benefit?

Medication can benefit in may things such as removing pain from injured areas, helping you to get better and many others some of which that i will have listed below. but most (MORE)