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What are mediums?

Medium/Media . A medium is an intervening substance through which signals can travel.. The plural is media or mediums.
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What is a medium?

a person who can speak to the dead that have passed to the otherside. Or something that you can bacteria on. Or a method ofcommunication such as films, radio or books.
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What is the medium of a wave?

The medium of a wave is the matter a wave travels through. . So yeah, if you wiggle a rope, the medium isn't the air around the rope... the medium is the rope itself!
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What are the mediums?

medium isn't a thing it is a word given to a person believed to have contact or supernatural powers over the dead and spirits
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Is the plural form of medium medium?

Yes, but only for some uses. As a word for a means of communicating information and ideas or a word for a substance, the plural form for the noun medium is media . As a ( Full Answer )
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What is a medium steak?

A medium steak is a type of cooking preparation. It should have athick band of light pink through the middle but it should be morebrown than pink. The sides should have a rich ( Full Answer )
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How do you do the medium in math?

I'm guessing you mean the median. The median is when you put all the numbers given in a set in order, for example: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. The median is the number in the middle o ( Full Answer )
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What is undefined medium?

Undefined(or complex media) are composed of extracts from plant oranimal sources and are rich in nutrients. The exact composition andamount of ingredients are unknown. Undefi ( Full Answer )
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Who stars in medium?

The TV series Medium (2005-2011) stars Patricia Arquette as a medium who helps solve crimes through the psychic messages she receives while sleeping. Co-stars include Miguel ( Full Answer )