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What are mediums of sounds?

A medium is an object that has something flowing through it. For sound it could be water, air or even solid like a wall. Remember sound is a wave, like water waves when you dr (MORE)
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How do you do the medium in math?

I'm guessing you mean the median. The median is when you put all the numbers given in a set in order, for example: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. The median is the number in the middle o (MORE)

What is undefined medium?

Undefined(or complex media) are composed of extracts from plant or  animal sources and are rich in nutrients. The exact composition and  amount of ingredients are unknown.  (MORE)

Is the plural form of medium medium?

Yes, but only for some uses. As a word for a means of communicating information and ideas or a word for a substance, the plural form for the noun medium is media. As a wor (MORE)
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What is the medium of a wave?

The medium of a wave is the matter a wave travels through. So yeah, if you wiggle a rope, the medium isn't the air around the rope... the medium is the rope itself!
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Is a lithograph a medium?

    Lithograph is a type of print, not a medium. Printing is a medium, painting is a medium, lithography is a medium, but a lithograph is a product, like A painting i (MORE)

Who stars in medium?

The TV series Medium (2005-2011) stars Patricia Arquette as a medium who helps solve crimes through the psychic messages she receives while sleeping. Co-stars include Miguel S (MORE)

What is Picasso's medium?

Picasso has worked with various media throughout his career. During the Rose Period, the Blue Period, Proto-Cubism, and Analytic Cubism, he primarily used oil on canvas. Howev (MORE)
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What is a medium of a wave?

Waves that require a medium in which to travel are called  mechanical waves. A medium is the substance/matter/material the  wave travels in. For example, sound is a mechanic (MORE)
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What is dense medium?

The word 'dense' varies according to the context. Lead is more dense than iron. Iodine-containing contrast media are dense to x-rays. The blackened portions of a photographic (MORE)