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What story did Jesus say 7 x 70?

Jesus didn't make this statement in a "story," but in a direct answer to Peter's question about forgiveness. Matthew 18:21, 22 - Then Peter came to Him and said, "Lord, how o (MORE)

Who were the guests on Meet the Press September 7 2008?

The guests were economist Thomas Friedman and Senator Joseph Biden. Barack Obama was NOT on the program, nor did he appear and insult the flag-- this is an internet myth.
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Is 7 Nights of Darkness a true story?

This movie is NOT based on a real story, and it is NOT real in any way shape or form.
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Summary on girls by mrinal pandey?

The short story Girls is based on the story of an eight year old  girl named Mrinal Pandey. The summary of the story is about how  Indian society takes girls for granted and (MORE)

Meet the Press Obama 9-7-08?

The guest was Joe Biden. There is a widely circulated (but totally false) internet myth which claims that was the day the president told the interviewer that he refuses to sal (MORE)

How did the narrator's parents meet and what trade did they offer to each otherqustion in The Leap story?

The narrator's mother suffered an accident that sent her to the  hospital, where she met the narrator's father, a doctor. He taught  her to read and write, while she told hi (MORE)