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What is megalith?

A megalith is a large stone that has been used to construct astructure or monument, either alone or together with stones.
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What is a Megalith?

A megalith is a large stone that forms a prehistoric monument, suchas a stone circle or chamber. Stonehenge is a well-known Megalith.
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Megalith in a sentence?

The Collins dictionary defines megalith as a stone of great size, especially part of a prehistoric monument.
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What is purpose of megalith stone circles?

There are many possible purposes for stone circles. Some of the larger ones have been found to contain burials. They also have been found, in some cases, to align with certain ( Full Answer )
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How were megaliths made?

Megaliths were often carved from solid stones and carried somedistance. Sites like Stonehenge are made from these megalithsseveral thousand years ago.
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What were the meaning of megalith?

It means "huge stone" and is used in the context of large prehistoric stones erected presumably for some reigious purpose.
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Why were megaliths built?

megaliths were built in the neolithic revolution and people could focus on activities other than finding foods. Also because as population grew, groups of people gathered to p ( Full Answer )