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Where are megaliths found in India?

Hirebenekal, Shillong, Burjahom, Baiatu, Chaibasa, Birbir, Gurua, Napo, Jagannath pahari, Kesura, Rola, Punkree Burwadih, Banadag, Jabra Road, Bariath, Hesalong, Hazaribagh, a (MORE)
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What were the meaning of megalith?

It means "huge stone" and is used in the context of large prehistoric stones erected presumably for some reigious purpose.

Why were megaliths built?

megaliths were built in the neolithic revolution and people could focus on activities other than finding foods. Also because as population grew, groups of people gathered to p (MORE)
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How many megalithic structures are in Lyonesse?

A megalithic structure is one that if formed from a very large stone and is prehistoric in nature. Lyonesse is a country that is a part of Arthurian legend and there are count (MORE)