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What is the literal meaning of megalomania?

It is consisted of two words. -Megalo: greek word.meaning big. -mania: greek word.meaning obsession, or an trend that is loved by the followers in an exaggerating way. s (MORE)
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Can you Use megalomania in a sentence?

Yes you can use megalomania in a sentence. His megalomania prevents him from recognizing his faults or appreciating the talents of others.
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What does megalomania mean?

The mistaken belief that you are a person of enormous importance: a god, world leader, etc.
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What is the difference between megalomania and narcissism?

Hmmm... 'Megalomania' is a word derived from Greek. 'Narcissism' is a word derived from the name of a Greek god. Other than that, probably not much.... Megalomania is a thirs (MORE)
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Use megalomania in a sentence?

Hitler's megalomania was ultimately his downfall. His desire forworld domination overrided any common sense he many have once had.
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Does megalomania exist?

No. Megalomania is a term coined by less intelligent people to refer to more intelligent people who acknowledge the fact that there actually ARE some people who are right ab (MORE)
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How do you treat megalomania?

You stay well clear of the person. They will not believe what your saying and will try to put you down for questioning there own greatness. If your related to such an individ (MORE)
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How big was megalomania?

Megalomania is a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions ofgreatness, wealth, etc. As the question is in the Animal Lifecategory, could the questioner have meant a parti (MORE)