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What are megaspores?

They form inside ovules and stayed attached to a parent plant, inside the mass they give rise to a female gametophyte that has an egg cell.
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Contrast microspores and megaspores?

Microspore = male gamete (n). Megaspore = female gamete (n). Micro develops in the anther and undergoes mitosis to create pollen. Mega develops in the ovule, retained in ov ( Full Answer )
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Are megaspores haploid?

Four megaspores are formed from meiotic division of megapore mother cell which is diploid. We know that diploid cells undergo meiosis to give haploid cells. So, it seems to me ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between microspores and megaspores?

microspores are the male gametes whilst megaspore are the female gametes. megaspore also known as megaspore mother cellor megasporocyte. it placed in female cone in the gumnos ( Full Answer )