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Who is Mel Brooks favorite actor?

Sorry, only Mel Brooks can answer that question, and politically, he probably would not. While she might not be his all time favorite, I heard Mr. Brooks say in an interview (MORE)

Is mel Gibson a racist?

It's commonly thought that he is. Mel Gibson has been dropped by his agency for remarks he has made regarding racial variation. In 2008, he allegedly made racist comments by w (MORE)

What are the movies Mel Gibson has acted in?

He has been in the following movies: Edge Of Darkness Paparazzi The Singing Detective Signs We Were Soldiers What Women Want The Patriot Chicken Run The Mill (MORE)

Was mel brooks in young Frankenstein?

Although we hear Mel Brooks' voice in this film, he never appears onscreen. The reason? He wasn't allowed! Per Mel, Gene Wilder agreed to play Dr. Frankenstein only if he (Mel (MORE)

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