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Is it true that some australoids melanesians can have light brown and blond hair naturally and supposedly some africans can to?

Yes, it is true. I think this is due to genetics. I'm Melanesian, I have a blond gene and red head (yes believe it or not) gene in my family. I did not inherit the gene, but ( Full Answer )
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Where does the Eurasian-Melanesian mountain belt run?

It goes above Australia, actually crossing with the Mid-Ocean Ridge, then continues left over the Himalayas and then the Alps, ending North of Africa. I know this isn't a v ( Full Answer )
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Are melanesians Christians?

Yes. Many of the Melanesian s are Christians with some Muslims particularly in West Papua, and Papua New Guinea where Melanesians are converting from Christianity to Islam.
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Which country are Melanesians from?

Melanesia is a region of the Pacific Ocean that includes several islands, such as Vanuatu, New Guinea, and Fiji.
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How many people speak Melanesian Pidgin?

Melanesian Pidgin is a language that is spoken primarily in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. PNG has a population of 6 million people (count from last noti ( Full Answer )
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Why do Melanesian people have inferior intelligence?

Glad you've got that all figured out Colin. But, I just got backfrom 2 years work in Fiji. Have you lived among Melanesians? Theaverage IQ in the Melanesia region of Pacific I ( Full Answer )