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Who by the name of melanie knows what melanie literally means?

It means dark beauty, some people say dark hair, or just dark, but it really means dark beauty. The name comes from the greek origin (melania) meaning blackness or dark, then (MORE)

How would you spell Melanie in French?

The same as in English, but with an accent! - Mélanie The accent also indicates how you would pronounce it - the é sounds like 'ay', so you would say, "May-la-nee." And in (MORE)

How do you spell melanie?

That is the usual spelling of the proper noun, a female given name, Melanie. A rarer variant is Melony.
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What does Melanie mean in Arabic?

Melanie is not an Arabic word, so it has no meaning in Arabic other than being a name of (presumably) non-Arabs. It is a Greek name meaning "dark/black". If the question is (MORE)