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Who is Melanie Panayiotou?

Hi there...Melanie Panayiotou is George Michael's older sister...she is 3 years older and his other sister Yioda is 5 years older....George's birthname is Giorgios Kyriacos Pa (MORE)
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Who is melanie mcguire?

A New Jersey woman who was having an affair. She killed and dismembered her husband, packing his body in suitcases and throwing them off the Chesapeake Bridge. Some have prote (MORE)

How do you spell melanie?

That is the usual spelling of the proper noun, a female given name, Melanie. A rarer variant is Melony.
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How many children does melanie chisholm have?

Melanie has one son born in February 2009. She is the last Spice Girl to have a child. Melanie B has two daughters, Geri Halliwell has one daughter, Emma Bunton has one son an (MORE)

What was Melanies A plus?

I"m not good at math and this is basically all math the only reason i passed math in class was because i went to tutoring all the freaking time..