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Which is the city and which is the province in this address Bailen Andalucia Ceuta y melilla 23710 Spain?

  Bailen is a city in the Province of Jaen. Andalucia is an autonomous region of Spain consisting of seven Provinces, one of which is Jaen. Ceuta and Melilla are auton (MORE)

Are people from ceuta or melilla and canarians caucasian or better still spanish africans?

The canarians are mainly caucasinas. They are descendants of Normans, Portuguese, Castilians and other europeans that had migrated to the Island in the last five centuries. Th (MORE)

What are major exports of Ceuta and Melilla?

Humans, Good Grad Hash from the Moroccan side. then the only person who can answer that question is someone who is importing to Ceuta, and it took me a long trip from Arizona (MORE)

What does it mean that both Ceuta and Melilla are autonomous?

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