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What is the meaning of Melody?

Answer . Melody . A series of musical notes arranged in succession, in a particular rhythmic pattern, to form a recognizable unit . Melody is a universal human phenomenon, (MORE)
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What is main melody?

A melody is a tune, voice, or repetitive line which tends to be acombination of pitch and rhythm. A main melody is the most used orstrongest sounding melody in the song.
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What are the direction of melody?

The movement of the notes on the staff - going up, going down, or staying on the same line or space.
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What is an example of melody?

A melody is any main line of a song. It is the part of the song that most people tend to sing. Example: Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily m (MORE)
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What is a melody and a harmony?

Melody is the most important part of the music. It is the tune of the song. Harmony is the part that plays along with the melody.
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Characteristics of a melody?

1) A good melody....Something that the listener can easily sing along with and remember. The key here is something simple that the audience can handle with or without the CD s (MORE)

How are melodies built?

melodies are built over chords by taking a scale that goes with a particular chord progession and then arranging the notes into different rythmic phrases Actually, melodies (MORE)