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What is the plural of melody?

  As with most words ending with 'y', the plural is made by dropping the 'y' and adding 'ies' — so 'melodies' is the plural.
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What is Additive Melody?

This is a key minimalist technique that involves the gradual change of a melodic or rhythmic idea, by the addition or subtraction of a note to/from a repeating pattern or osti (MORE)
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Which songs do not have a melody to it?

There are no songs without a melody because if it doesn't it wouldn't be a song. Every song needs a melody in order to be a song. There is a type of song called a chant, thou (MORE)
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What is the disjunct melodies?

Disjunct Melody: is a type of melodic motion. Disjunct motion proceeds by leap from one scale degree to the next by intervals larger than a second. Opposite of that, conjunct (MORE)

Where is melody tx?

Melody TX is a made up town name for the movie American Violet. The actual name of the city where the true story took place is Hearne TX which is close to College Station TX w (MORE)

What is a melody bell?

A melody bell is a percusion instrument. You sometimes can find them hanging around at Christmas. During the winter season you may find carolers, or a chorus singing and dingi (MORE)

What provides melody?

To explain this, I must say that there are generally two ways that a piece is composed; A. The piece is composed based on chord progressions, and the melody is put to that. Th (MORE)