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Why can you melt a diamond?

You can melt a diamond, because anything can melt given enough heat. Diamond, however, has the highest melting point of any known mineral: 3820 degrees Kelvin, 6416.33 degrees (MORE)

Can sand be melted?

  Sand can be melted   Sand is typically known in the scientific community as silica. And yet, with enough heat it can be melted. A perfect example of this is true (MORE)

Can carbon melt?

  Technically, yes carbon can melt, however it has the highest melting point of any element on Earth (I think its something on the order of 3500 degrees C) so there is not (MORE)

Can clay melt?

No, clay cannot melt. If it heats up it simply hardens. If you put it in water then it the clay particles will dissolve in the water, but this is not melting.
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What is beef melt?

Beef melt is ground beef pancreas. The most common use for beef  melt is catfish food. Beef melt is used on catfish farms.

Does yarn melt?

  Some yarns will melt. If you are making something like a potholder that will need to withstand high temperatures, it is best to use yarn made out of cotton, which will n (MORE)

Does metal melt?

surely a metal can be melt , but every metal has different melting points. Not only will all metals melt, some (maybe all) are capable of burning and require special fire ext (MORE)

What is melting?

Melting is when a solid gets to a point of 100 degrees under high pressure flames , and starts to disintegrate small pieces of the solid.
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