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What is melting?

Melting is when a solid gets to a point of 100 degrees under high pressure flames , and starts to disintegrate small pieces of the solid.
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How do you keep melted chocolate melted?

i want to make eatable baskets can i use any chocolate. And i  use chocolate chips.  Put it over a pot of water which is a couple of degrees (F)  hotter than the chocolate. (MORE)
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What is to melt?

To melt is when you turn something from a solid to a liquid. E.g: If you put an ice-cube into a microwave it will turn into water because and ice-cube is just water that has b (MORE)
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What can melt?

When energy is provided to any substance and its bonds are loosened, it starts melting.

Define melting and melting processes?

Well, sold particles are tightly packed together with bonds connecting them to each other. They are always vibrating, when they are heated the particles start vibrating a lot (MORE)
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What does not melt?

every thing melt expected us can u image us melting unless we are the but we still dont melt we rot away

What is a melting?

Melting is when something becomes too hot and melts! LOL! Easy as that! It becomes a fluid and it becomes gross!
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What melts ice melt faster and why?

heat makes ice melt faster because if you put an ice cube on a pan ,turn on the oven, turn it to 50 degrees f (above 0oc to melt ice), the ice will melt and if you turn the ov (MORE)
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What is a melted?

When a solid object is heated to the point of becoming a liquid, it can be said to have melted.
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