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What is the definition of meme?

According to google's dictionary it is "an element of a culture orsystem of behavior that may be considered to be passed from oneindividual to another by nongenetic means, esp (MORE)

Who was Memes and what did he do?

He was a man that was FOREVER ALONE that spent hours on his porch yelling Y U NO do this and Y U NO do that. He was a SCUMBAG named STEVE, and had 3 DOGS - ADVICE, COURAGE, an (MORE)

How are memes important?

I think they are only important as a shared cultural experience. Ifyou use a meme that is familiar to someone, you can compare thecurrent situation to the situation in a popul (MORE)

What is Troll meme?

trollface is a black and white drawing of a face with a largemischievous grin that is meant to portray the expression someonemakes while trolling. Posting a Trollface image in (MORE)

How do you get a meme on meme base?

If you mean get your meme onto that site, well I have been on it 3times with my memes so my tips to you would be the following. Firstof all, the more friends you have on the c (MORE)

What does meme mean?

A meme is an idea, image, video, phrase, tradition, or basicallyanything that gets passed around throughout other people. Christmascan be considered a meme do to it being a tr (MORE)