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Is 'meme' ugly or not?

No. The word 'meme' doesn't mean ugly. It may mean 'same' when it's spelled 'même'. Ot it may mean 'grandma, granny' when it's spelled 'mémé'.
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Who was Memes and what did he do?

He was a man that was FOREVER ALONE that spent hours on his porch yelling Y U NO do this and Y U NO do that. He was a SCUMBAG named STEVE, and had 3 DOGS - ADVICE, COURAGE, an (MORE)

How do you get a meme on meme base?

If you mean get your meme onto that site, well I have been on it 3  times with my memes so my tips to you would be the following. First  of all, the more friends you have on (MORE)

How do you spell meme?

That is the correct spelling of the word "meme" (a cultural idea or concept).
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Deffination of Meme?

According to google's dictionary it is "an element of a culture orsystem of behavior that may be considered to be passed from oneindividual to another by nongenetic means, esp (MORE)

How do you pronouce meme?

Some people think it sounds like meh-meh, but it is actually pronounced: Me-me. (Me as in I - "Oh why me")
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