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What does Conoce bien cada guerra de la vida y del amor tambien mean?

Hard to translate this into English without losing its original meaning or sense, but It basically means that you should "know" every "battle in life" and every "battle of lov (MORE)

What is the English lyrics for ritual de amor-desire?

Fill the air with my cravings   Lights the fire in my heart   You zoom in all eyes   That if you show passion     Bailame without stopping   Vuelvete (MORE)

What does Amor De Conde mean?

Literally, "Love of Earl" (Earl being the Nobleman's rank like Lord, Lady etc etc) I believe it is related to the Dracula novels.
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How do you make POLVO DE AMOR?

POLVO DE AMOR is a popular dessert in Puerto Rico. It is basically a sweet coconut crisp. You need one dry coconut and a pound of sugar. 1. Open coconut and scoop out fles (MORE)