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Memphis how cold can it get?

Assuming you mean Memphis, TN, in the winter here sometimes it gets to single digits or below zero, but not usually. Usually during the coldest part of the year, it gets down (MORE)
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How far Memphis from Memphis airport?

The Memphis airport is inside the city limits of Memphis. However, it's in the south part of the city, so you can leave the airport and travel 20 or 30 miles in various direct (MORE)

In what state Memphis in?

The city of Memphis is in the southwest tip of Tennessee, just  north of Mississippi, on the Mississippi river.   Tennessee
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How cold is it in Memphis?

It depends on the day. Today the temperature outside was about 34 when i woke up. However, it is supposed to reach about 60 later today. In a couple months, the temperature wi (MORE)

Is there a Memphis in Mississippi?

There was a Memphis in Mississippi until 2004 when it became a part of Walls, Mississippi. It is located in DeSoto county.
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Where is Memphis?

Memphis is located in the western part of Tennessee on the bottom left corner of the state right on the Mississippi River.Egypt. southwest Tennessee by the Mississippi river (MORE)

Why was MLK in Memphis?

MLK was in Memphis to support the trash men who were on strike for better working conditions. He was originally staying in a hotel owned by a wealthy white man until he receiv (MORE)

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