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Function of meniscus?

A meniscus is a bowl shaped form created at the top of a glass of water due to surface tension. Surface tension is the force that any liquid has to pull it to the smallest pos (MORE)

What is meniscus in math?

I am not quite sure what the meniscus is in math, but I do know what it is defined as when related to science. The meniscus when talking about science is the curve in a flask (MORE)
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Why is that the knee has the meniscus in it?

The evolutionary development of bi-peds. The meniscus is a tough slippery pad that cushions the movement and articulation of the upper and lower leg bones.

What is The meniscus composed of?

Meniscus is not composed of anything its a physical properties due to surface tension of liquids. It is dependant on the: cohesive forces - binds similar molecules together. a (MORE)
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What is meniscus level?

When a LIQUID is kept in a beaker or any apparatus in cylindrical shape the lower level of the liquid is called as meniscus level of the liquid. Eg:- when we test normality of (MORE)