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What did the Menominee people eat?

The name Menominee (not the real name of this tribe) refers to wild rice and it indicates a major element in their diet. They were also farmers, raising the usual maize, beans (MORE)

What kind of clothing did the menominee have?

What kind of clothes did the Menominee Indians wear?  Menominee women wore woven skirts. Menominee men wore breechcloths with leggings. Shirts were not necessary in the Meno (MORE)

What did Menominee eat?

They ate lots of meat like buffalo, rabbit, moose, deer, and elk. Some popular foods were corn and wild rice.

What did the Menominee build their houses out of?

The Menominee (Wild Rice People), who called themselves Mamaceqtaw, built two types of dwelling: small, domed birchbark-covered wigwams and larger rectangular bark-covered lod (MORE)

How did Menominee communicate?

By our extreme facial gestures and the occasional flatulence ! In all seriousness, we have a Menominee language like most other tribes.....
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