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What does mensch mean?

On May 3 rd 2010 , I heard a holocaust survivor named Dr. Alexander White at my school. He was saved by the schindler's list. He has a memoir called Be A Mensch. It is named ( Full Answer )
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Can a mensch be a female?

No! This word is reserved for men only! That's part of the meaning Actually the basic word is Yiddis for "man" The way we use it is the Pure meaning of a man. Admirable, and ( Full Answer )
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What is a ganser mensch?

It is Yiddush. A giant mensh...a mensch among mensches. Menschliterally means man, however, in its usage, it means a combinationof a gentleman, and a thoughtful, kind, helpful ( Full Answer )
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How can Jews become a mensch?

by knowing GOD's law and living it to the best of ones ability, loving GOD with ones whole heart, mind, body, soul, and strength.
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Was louise mensch in have i got news for you?

Yes definately. Both times on Ian Hislops teams I believe. Don't know the exact episode(s) but if you google or wikipedia it you should be able to find out.
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What has the author Gustav Mensching written?

Gustav Mensching has written: 'Der offene Tempel' -- subject(s): Religions 'Soziologie der grossen Religionen' -- subject(s): Religion and sociology 'Structures and patt ( Full Answer )
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What has the author L J Mensch written?

L. J. Mensch has written: 'Architects' and engineers' hand-book of reinforced concrete constructions ..' -- subject(s): Concrete 'The reinforced concrete pocket book' -- s ( Full Answer )
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What has the author James R Mensch written?

James R. Mensch has written: 'After modernity' -- subject(s): Self (Philosophy), Methodology, Postmodernism, Time 'Intersubjectivity and transcendental idealism' -- subjec ( Full Answer )