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Is mental retardation the same as mental illness?

No, not by a long shot. Mental retardation may be caused by genetics, problems during pregnancy, birth problems, problems that may occur after birth, socio-economic deprivatio (MORE)
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What are the IQ levels for mental retardation?

According to the original definitions, from Lewis Terman (1916): Over 140 - Genius or near genius120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence110 - 119 - Superior intelligence90 - 1 (MORE)

Is ADHD a form of mental retardation?

Most definitely not. Many people with ADHD are very bright and creative, although somewhat disorganized at first. Good parenting alongside medical advice will allow them to fu (MORE)
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What causes mental retardation?

There are many different possible causes of mental retardation, otherwise referred to as impaired mental development, impaired intellectual development, impaired social develo (MORE)
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When was mental retardation discovered?

Mental Retardation was discovered in the 1800's when a first child was born with this disease because the mom with the child in the stomach wasn't taken care of good with hosp (MORE)
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What is mental retardation?

  Mental retardation is a developmental disability that first appears in children under the age of 18. It is defined as an intellectual functioning level (as measured by s (MORE)

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