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What is mental?

It is to have a problem in the brain (or sometimes in legs but that's not really mental) Sometimes from having troubles in birth or when the child is still in the mothers womb (MORE)

What is mentality?

A collective characteristic mindset that determines how a body of individuals react to situations and others not of their set. A bunker mentality dictates a defensive postur (MORE)
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What to do mentally?

You need think happy thoughts maby even a happy memorie so that youcan make more happy memories
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What is helping mentality?

What Is Helping Mentality? I Think It Is Helping Others By Money Or Some Other Way s.

What is mental health by WHO?

WHO is the World Health Organization that does research in all health fields including mental health and who is the publisher of the ICD-10 which will soon be used to diagnose (MORE)
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What is mental redardation?

Mental retardation is defined as having an IQ below 70. For mild MR, scores are between 55 and 69. For moderate MR, IQ scores are between 40 and 55. In the case of severe MR, (MORE)
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What is mental retardaton?

Mental Retardardation is the lack of normal development of intellectual capacities. This condition causes the person to have an IQ of 70 and below, which affects the person's (MORE)

What is a mental journey?

A mental journey is usually one pursued for enlightenment. In the history of the Tarot, the Journey of the Fool is a metaphor for a mental journey of enlightenment. Each major (MORE)
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Are you mental?

I am not mental. I however do know a few people that you canconsider mental.