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What is a mention?

To refer to, especially incidentally.. n. . The act of referring to something briefly or casually. . An incidental reference or allusion. . Honorable mention. . idiom: (MORE)

What does mention mean? . mention . (mĕn ' shən) . tr.v. , -tioned, -tion·ing, -tions.. To refer to, especially incidentally. See (MORE)

What is a mention at court?

Mention (criminal law) This is a date when a case can only proceed if the defendant pleads guilty. If he or she wishes to challenge any of the charges or allegations, they s (MORE)

What rhymes with mention?

tension, intervention. Improve: Invention, Detention, Pension. For example some words like pen also rhyme with the words above but do not have a full rhyme to it.

Where did barber mentioned?

Ezekiel 5:1 talks about the barber's razor..."And thou, son of man, take thee a sharp knife, take thee a barber's razor, and cause [it] to pass upon thine head and upon thy be (MORE)

What is the scar mentioned?

the scar mentioned is the plane that crashed in the forest of the island. Despite the film's depiction, the boys do not come out from the water but from the plane that has be (MORE)
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What is the verb of mention?

Mention is already a verb. For example "to mention something to someone" is an action andtherefore a verb.