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Can you be a mentor without mentor certification?

This depends upon what type of mentor you are aiming to be. Certain types of mentors may require certification, such as corporate mentors or church mentors. It depends on wher (MORE)

Who mentored Tigerstar?

Thistleclaw, a cat who Bluestar's sister, Snowfur, was in love with and who was also Whitestorm's father mentored Tigerstar. He was the one who made him attack Tiny/Scourge wh (MORE)

What is mentor in French?

By using a free translator that I find reliable for learning my 2nd language of French, I've come by that in French, the word is actually the same. Lots of languages, especial (MORE)
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Who will be Cherrykit's mentor?

Cherrykit is still a young kit but Erin Hunter has not said anything about her mentor, but it might be: Thornclaw and maybe Berrynose, Bumblestripe, blossomfall or Brackenfur( (MORE)

What is training and mentoring?

In regard to Christianity these are two ways that people refer to the process of discipleship and there is a bit of a difference. Training like anywhere else is often seen as (MORE)

Did hatshepsut have a mentor?

Senenmut was, without  doubt, the most important man in Hatshepsut's life. Twenty-five  statues of Senenmut have so far been discovered, more than almost  any other non-roy (MORE)

Why have a mentor?

Mentors are helpful when you want to learn to do something, oremulate some ideal, but you don't know how. Finding someone elsethat already does it well can help you learn. Sp (MORE)