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Can you be a mentor without mentor certification?

This depends upon what type of mentor you are aiming to be. Certain types of mentors may require certification, such as corporate mentors or church mentors. It depends on wher ( Full Answer )
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Who was brahms mentor?

according to Wilhelm Altmann, Piano Concerto no. 2 Op. 83 dedicated to his dear friend and teacher Edward Marxsen.Other sources as well say Schumann.
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Who was cleopatras mentor?

She didn't have a mentor, she did not even go to school. So, no. She was born a queen, she did not have time for school or mentors. But Confucianism could have been an option. ( Full Answer )
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What is spiritual mentoring?

From a religious perspective, Spiritual Mentoring is a learningprocess where a discipler or a more mature individual imparts to ayounger individual or learner the basics of fa ( Full Answer )
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Who is hollypaw's mentor?

It was Leafpool, but Hollypaw wanted to be a warrior instead, so it became Brackenfur instead.
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What is a mentor sentence?

Mentor means a teacher, or a wise advisor. The mentor helped meimprove my violin playing.
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Who were Cleopatras mentors?

Cleopatra's first mentor would have been her father and then Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.
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How did your mentor help you?

well my mentor helped me by kind of giving their insight on life and helped me see things differently. My mentor was always lifting me to do beter things in life and with myse ( Full Answer )
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Who was frasier's mentor?

I'm going to go ahead and say he had more than one mentor rather than call it a continuity error. In season 3 of Cheers, we're introduced to his mentor Dr. Bennet Ludlow, who ( Full Answer )
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Why have a mentor?

Mentors are helpful when you want to learn to do something, oremulate some ideal, but you don't know how. Finding someone elsethat already does it well can help you learn. Sp ( Full Answer )