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Is UC Merced a good school?

Yes, it is a very good school. Many people say bad things about this school because it is new and doesn't have a reputation yet, but once you are here, it is the same as any o (MORE)

Who was Merce Cunningham?

  Answer   Merce Cunningham was a famous choreographer and dancer (since the age of 13) who created a genre of dance called dance by chance which relies on a toss of (MORE)

Is Cunningham Irish?

It is both Irish and Scottish.. The Irish name was originally Ó Connagáin and Mac Cuinneagáin later changed to Cunningham.. In Co. Down and Co. Antrim the name is (MORE)

What is a Cunningham agreement?

A Cunningham agreement is based off a Florida Supreme Court case. In insurance litigation, an injured claimant often wants to "open up" the insured's policy limits and sue the (MORE)
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How big is UC Merced?

Comparing it to other UC, it is a fairly small school. It have three classroom buildings, a gym, cafeteria, offices are in the library, and several dorms. All are within walki (MORE)

Who is Walter Cunningham?

Walter Cunningham is a farmer boy in Scouts first grade class, who does not have a lunch and wont take money from the teacher because he cant pay it back. Scout gets in troubl (MORE)
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Does Cunningham have lockers?

There are lockers in the classrooms (homeroom directly) which assists you by holding your belongings.

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