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What is a mercenary?

A mercenary is a soldier not bound by a nation. A mercenary wouldbe hired by a ruler to fight in a battle. The mercenary would onlyfight for pay and personal gain. Real life m ( Full Answer )
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What are mercenaries?

Mercenaries are people who participate in a armed battle for pay. Mercenaries are people who will work for anyone who pays with military action, if its blowing up a building ( Full Answer )
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What is mercenarie?

a mercenarie is a soldier that is a porficenit soldier that works for the communite/presidant
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Will there be a mercenaries 3?

There will be a mercenaries 3 because if you heard on the end of mercenaries 2 Fiona says "how does India sound?"
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What is the opposite of mercenary?

The opposite of mercenary (seeking money or rewards) could be unselfish, generous, or altruistic (acting out of moral conviction). The "opposite" of a mercenary (hired soldi ( Full Answer )
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How do you be wesker in mercenaries?

beat the mines stage with an A you get midnight wesker you beat the prison stage with an A you get Wesker S.T.A.R.S from jamie wyvill
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Who were these mercenaries?

Mercenaries were soldiers from another country (primarily Germany in the case of the Amer. Rev.) that were hired to fight on for a particular country. In the Amer. Rev., the B ( Full Answer )
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What is a lady mercenary?

Besides being a fictional masturbatory aid for guys who 'game' too much, A female mercenary is a gold-digger with a 5 year plan. The M.O's vary, but basically they target a ma ( Full Answer )
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Who were mercenaries?

hired professional soldier who fights for any state or nationwithout regard to political interests or issues. From the earliestdays of organized warfare until the development ( Full Answer )
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What side were the mercenaries on?

Mercenaries are usually on the side of who is paying them. If thequestion is about a particular event, then more details are needed!