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What is an endcap merchandising?

It is the end of an aisle in a supermarket or any retail store with aisles where merchandisers can display their products for customers. Usually items that are on sale
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What about merchandising?

• Merchandising is the process of increasing visibility and appeal of products to increase sale ability • It includes product packaging, placement, promotion and "specia (MORE)

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What is export merchandising?

There are 2 types of merchandisers in export houses - buyer and production merchandisers. Buyer merchandisers act as a link between the buyer and the manufacturer. They have t (MORE)

What are the duties of merchandiser?

contact with buyers through net or face to face ...collect export or job work orders from buyers
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What is factory merchandising?

the garment manufacturer will want the sophistication of the order including colorways. if the price is right for him and if he has the capacity to do the job he will accept t (MORE)
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What does a merchandiser do?

A retail merchandiser assists the buyer in purchasing and displaying merchandise. Often a merchandiser has a weekly route where he or she makes stops at various retail outlets (MORE)