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How do you spell merengue?

Merengue is correct, but so is meringue. Merengue is used as the spelling in the originating country of the dance, the Dominican Republic. To be different the neighboring coun (MORE)
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When did merengue start?

The merenque has become the national dance of the DominicanRepublic. It was first considered a separate art beginning in about1927.
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Where did the merengue start?

The merengue dance first started in the year of 1927. It is bestknown as the national dance for the Dominican Republic.
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Famous merengue dancers?

Merengue is a dance form that comes from the Dominican Republic. Itinvolves two people mimicking each other's movements, generallywhile holding hands. Some famous merengue dan (MORE)
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Who sings merengue?

Merengue is a type of music and dance from the Dominican Republic & Eduardo Brito became the first to sing the Dominican national music..
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Why is the merengue danced?

As a tradition for parties, holidays or special events. This influence comes from the Dominican Republic.
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What instruments are in merengue?

Tambora Guira Congas Piano Bass Alto Sax Tenor Sax Section of 3 Trumpets Vocals Sometimes a Keyboard making sounds like String, Marimbas etc...
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What is the herb merengue good for?

There is no such knowis moringa then you'll find what your lookingfor its good for almost everything MORINGA
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What is merengue bush?

The merengue bush is also called a moringa plant. The leaves fromthis bush/plant are used to make a medicinal tea. This tea is saidto help relieve cold symptoms such as sore t (MORE)