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Shadow and maria?

I'm sorry to say this but no. If your asking if they'll ever be a couple, even if SEGA brings maria back to life, the answer will still be no. SEGA stated that she is like a (MORE)

Who is Maria Montessori?

    Answer         EXTRAORDINARY!! Maria Montessori can be described in one single word - this describes her work her studies her patience and the e (MORE)

Who is Maria Burton?

Maria Burton is the adopted daughter of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. After giving birth to three children, Elizabeth Taylor was not able to have anymore children. The (MORE)

What is maria?

Lunar Maria-    'Maria' is a Latin word meaning "seas". The singular form is  mare. They are large, dark, balsaltic plains found on the  surface of the moon. Astronom (MORE)

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Maria the hedgehog?

Maria is simply a made up hedgehog and if you have ever herd of sonic the hedgehog maria is one of our hedgehog heros.

Is Maria Robotnik Maria the hedgehog?

No. Maria is a human. She was Gerald Robotniks grandaughter and Ivo Robotnik's (Dr. Eggman's) cousin. Maria lived on Space Colony Ark with Shadow the hedgehog and was killed w (MORE)

What did maria Gomez do?

maria Gomez decided to teach adults and children to read and write because she felt that they should be able to read what is given to them e.g. bills, because thay were being (MORE)

Who is the lead singer of maria maria?

  The Product G&B is an R&B duo consisting of Sincere (David McRae) and Money Harm (Marvin Moore-Hough). Originally known as "The Product", the two were discovered by Wycl (MORE)