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What are mermaids?

A mermaid is a mythology aquatic creature that is half human, half aquatic creature (e.g., a fish or dolphin). it is also an existing creature that feeds on other fishes and h ( Full Answer )
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Can you be a mermaid?

Yes you could always buy a mermaid tail or make one. Fancy dress costumes are fun for girly sleepovers.
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How can you be a mermaid?

A mermaid is a mythical creature. You can not turn into one. Youcan pretend to be one though! You can buy a tail and matchingbikini top at or learn how to make o ( Full Answer )
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Who is a mermaid?

No one is a real mermaid. There are people who think they are, but since mermaids are not real they can't be one. People can not change into a mermaid or other shapes (think h ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to be a mermaid?

Unless you have surgery to have the part below your waist turned into something resembling a water mammal's torso and tail, there is no way to really turn yourself into a merm ( Full Answer )
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How do you i be a mermaid?

You can buy a tail on Their tails are pretty expensive and the fabric isn't great quality, but not TOO bad :) Also, sometimes people on sites like Ebay sell tai ( Full Answer )
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What did a mermaid do?

They protect our waters,lakes, and oceans.They also try to keep their existence private.That's what Sirens do.Look them up you'll see what I mean.
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What did mermaides where?

They would wear a bra that would match the color of the gills on there tail. XD
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Are there mermaids out there?

No Their are no mermaids, people have made them up in fairy tales and Greek myths.
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What to do if you are a mermaid?

First of all, you would swim. After all, you would have the tail of a fish and scales.