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Who was the founder of Merriam Webster?

The founder of Merriam-Webster Dictionaries was Noah Webster. The company is an American company that publishes reference books, especially dictionaries that are descendants o (MORE)

What is the difference between websters dictionary and merriam-websters dictionary?

It is the same thing Noah Webster was an American lexicographer who published the first American dictionary Charles and George Merriam began revising and publishing Webster's (MORE)
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What is the summary of poem thumbprint by eve merriam?

Merriam is telling us how unique we are. She is also comparing her prints with her feelings, she is the only one possessing them and the only one able to understand the way sh (MORE)

Who is the author of Merriam-Webster's dictionary?

Merriam-Webster is a publishing company, original the G. and C.  Merriam Company (George and Charles Merriam) - it continued the  publication of the dictionaries created by (MORE)

Are Merriam Webster Reliable as an Online Dictionary?

No they are not. They provide little in support of word provenance and seldom quote either an individual or a book for their word entries on line. -Freddie 125 Although they s (MORE)

Is predefined a real word although it isn't in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary?

It does appear in wordlists within the online edition of the  dictionary.    The term is oxymoronic outside the specialized field of computer  programming, where "pre (MORE)

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