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What is the driving distance from Merritt Island to Altamonte Springs?

The driving distance is 60-65 miles. Since there is sometimes more than one route, including back roads, this is an approximate but accurate distance. It is based on the most (MORE)

How do you fly to Marco island Florida?

Best is to fly into Southwest Florida International Airport. Marco is about a 50 min drive down Rte 75 to exit 101 then straight down 951 and over the SS Jolley Bridge. Alte (MORE)

Who founded Sanibel Island Florida?

Sanibel's first-known settlers were the Calusa, a powerful and well-organized Indian tribe who dominated the majority of the land in Southwest Florida more than 2500 years ago (MORE)

How far are the cayman islands from Florida?

Grand Cayman (the largest Island) is about an hour and 20 minutes flight from most places in Florida and Miami. I have been to the Cayman Island they are south of Cuba. They (MORE)
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What are some islands off of florida?

There are many islands that are off the coast of Florida. Some of  them include Anastasia Island, Amelia Island, Jupiter Island, Star  Island, Orchid Island, Key Biscayne, S (MORE)

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How far is Tampa Bay fl from merritt island Florida?

130 miles taking this route:   # Take SR-528 WEST (Martin B. Andersen Beachline Expy) (a TOLL ROAD beyond I-95), towards ORLANDO, from Merritt Island, to I-4 WEST to TAMP (MORE)