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Is Merv Griffin dead?

Yes, in the early hours of the morning August 12th, 2007, he passed from prostate cancer.
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What is enterprise?

enterprise can be defined as the efforts made by people to achieve something new. for example: people have the initiative to start projects, to face the challenges involved a (MORE)

What was the Griffin and what did it do?

The Griffin , or Gryphon , was a legendary creature with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion normally known for guarding treasure .As the lion was t (MORE)

Why was USS Enterprise named Enterprise?

The original USS Enterprise (the first of 8 US sea vessels), was a wooden Sloop (a single masted vessel) named HMS George, and was captured by an American Army officer named B (MORE)
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How did Merv Griffin die of prostate Cancer?

Merv Griffin was a famous talk show host and creator of some very successful game shows. While many men do not get their prostate checked regularly, especially as they age, M (MORE)

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