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What is a mesh kit?

Do you mean mess kit? If you really meant mesh kit it is a lacrosse restringing kit. If you meant mess kit it is a collection of silverware and cookware used during camping an (MORE)

What is microphone mesh for?

It is dual purpose, it protects the internal components of the microphone and also helps prevent "hard" sounds that degrade the quality of recording. Examples would be a har (MORE)
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How do you get soft mesh to hard mesh on a lacrosse stick?

First, you get the pocket to the desired depth, then you spray it with hairspray. Use a hairdryer to dry it quickly than put the whole head in a freezer for 20-30 mins. this m (MORE)

What is dura mesh?

Dura mesh fells like a broken in hard mesh. Also it wont change as much as a hard mesh when it gets wet.

What is hyper mesh?

Hypermesh is a high-performance finite element pre- and post-processor for major finite element solvers, allowing engineers to analyze design conditions in a highly interactiv (MORE)

What is micron and mesh?

A micron is a micrometer, or one millionth of a meter (1/1,000,000 meters, or 1 x 10-6 meters). Mesh is a term used for a "screen" or "net" of some kind made of interlacing fi (MORE)
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What is the advantage of mesh?

  Mesh works well for making laundry bags because it does not keep in the odor or moisture. Mesh works better for gym shirts for the same reason. Mesh is often used when t (MORE)